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Why New Intranet?

New Intranet– Since 2010 when TAMK and PIRAMK merged, we have lived a kind of an intermediate phase. Temporary solutions and patches have been made on ex-TAMK’s intranet. Now we are finally introducing a new, joint and tailor-made intranet, Head of Communications Services Leena Stenman begins.

– During the project the greatest emphasis has been laid on usability. TAMK staff’s and students’ feedback and comments have been heard and the new intranet will hopefully match many of the needs.

The new intranet, which will be introduced in the early summer, before anything aims at making information easily available with an effective search engine and clear structuring. The sophisticated and diverse news forum will also facilitate information search and allocation.

– We try to encourage TAMK staff to increase use of intranet in informing. This would ease the email overload, Stenman adds.

The aim is also to promote community spirit and increase interaction at TAMK.

– We hope that the possibility to comment contents and the discussion forum will draw users to active interaction, Intranet Project Manager Teija Pekkarinen says.

Web Designer Katja Jouttela reminds that the work is not over when the new intranet is introduced.

– In order for TAMK staff and students to take the new intranet as their own, it has to be actively maintained with interesting contents. The aim is also to develop the intranet gradually. The most important features are introduced now at the first phase and more will come up later.

The new intranet will also integrate the separate teacher and student desktops. They are being built in joint projects of several higher education institutions.

Read more about the project at Project Presentation.

Text and picture: Aino Yrjänä