Parallel Projects

Teacher and education designer desktops

Peppi is a joint project of Metropolia and TAMK. It will create two desktops: the teacher desktop and the education designer desktop. The teacher desktop is naturally for teachers. The education designer desktop will be used by heads of degree programmes and other persons in charge.

The desktops will include the following services:

  • timetable work
  • curriculum work
  • annual planning
  • services for teachers
  • reporting, information and monitoring services

The teacher and education designer desktops will be an essential part of the staff view in TAMK intranet. The desktops will replace the following systems/services used at TAMK: the teacher channel, WinhaWiivi, Toisu, and Totsu.

Peppi will be introduced in spring 2013.

Student desktop

Metropolia and TAMK are building the student desktop in cooperation. The desktop will enable the following:

  • students can reflect on their competence and competence needs
  • students can plan their studies, study contents, and schedules as well as monitor their academic progress
  • student counselling
  • identification of prior competence

The student desktop will be an essential part of the student view in TAMK intranet. It will replace for example WinhaWille and the student channel in the present-day TAMK intranet.

The student desktop is estimated to be introduced at TAMK in autumn 2013 in a limited extent.