Project group
Teija Pekkarinen, Communications Services
Katja Jouttela, Information Management
Jarmo Sorvari, Information Management (2012 >)
Markku Pekonen, Information Management (autumn 2011 and spring 2012)
Jussi Hannunen, Education Technology Centre (autumn 2011)
Jyrki Vehmas, Senior Lecturer, Degree Programme in Business Information Systems (autumn 2011 and spring 2012)
Petteri Jekunen, Information Management (2013 >)
Mikko Uusitalo, Information Management (2013 >)
Emma Ketonen, Student, Degree Programme in Film and Television (autumn 2011)

Steering group
Aura Loikkanen, Director of Higher Education Services (chair)
Marja Sutela, Vice President
Päivi Karttunen, Vice President
Mikko Naukkarinen, Vice President
Seppo Janhonen, Principal Lecturer, School of Vocational Teacher Education
Matti Hartikainen, Director of Information Management (autumn 2011)

Requirement specification
Innofactor in cooperation with TAMK

Technical suppliers
Solita (search engine)
Eduix (news forum)

Visual image
Ville Tervo, Kulma Collective Osk

Contents production
Several workgroups

Concept testing and piloting
Numerous students and staff members