New Intranet Received Grade 3.9

thumbsupPilot users were asked to rate the new intranet and its features on the scale 1-5 (scale: 1=negative, 5=positive). The new intranet received a total grade of 3.9. Only 20 persons filled in the survey form and thus the results are approximate.

Approximately 80 per cent of the respondents had a positive first impression of the new intranet. The users were especially pleased with the new outlook. More than 90 per cent gave the new outlook the grade 4 or 5.

About 75 per cent of the respondents considered that the basic structure was clear and it was easy to find important information. However, 7 per cent considered that the structure was not clear. Some had difficulties in finding for example the degree programme materials.

The respondents were asked if they found the structure of the contents sites clear, i.e. the study guide, Compass, campus sites, and management map. Approximately 75 per cent of the respondents found it clear. In addition, around 70 per cent were of the opinion that the new structure makes it easier to find information in Compass. Some of the respondents however considered that the new Compass structure was confusing (7 %).

Of the new functionalities, the event calendar, year clock, possibility to change role and campus sites were considered useful. Staff considered the feedback forum significantly more useful than students. Usefulness of the discussion forum, flea market and management map (for staff only) divided the users most.

Around 75 per cent of the respondents regarded the general and people search practical. The mailing list search received both positive and negative feedback.

Accessibility should clearly be developed as 15 per cent considered texts and links difficult to read. Attention should also be paid to comprehensibility of terms used in titles and clarity of the right-hand navigation.

Thanks to all respondents!

Text: Teija Pekkarinen

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