Communal Intranet Comes – Whether You Like or Not

Do you know which is the most hoped-for feature of the new intranet? The flea market!

Communal or social intranet is now in. In the Finland’s Best Intranet 2013 competition, one of the key trends was increase in openness and community spirit. This trend can also be seen in the fact that advertisements on how to build a communal intranet keep pouring into my email.

Intranet has traditionally been a one-way communication channel for disseminating information to the organisation members. Communal intranet means a network service where the users can also participate in interaction. Communal intranets use tools familiar from social media, such as blogs, discussion forums, commenting possibilities, value judgement, and RSS feeds.

TAMK’s new intranet includes the most common communal features used in intranets. You can find the latest feeds from TAMK Facebook sites, and links to the latest TAMK blog entries, as well as the discussion forum, and flea market Bazaar. In addition, users can comment and like news and other intranet contents. All interaction takes place with the user’s own name – and possibly also with the user’s face as the users can add their photo to intranet.

The well-known intranet consulting company Prescient Digital Media noticed in its survey last year that 70% of the 650 companies that answered the survey already used some communal tools in their intranet.

Sceptics may ask why higher education institutions have to be communal. This can be answered that should not higher education institutions particularly have communal intranets as most of the users are students, and the use of communal network services is everyday life for them.

And even if all the interaction channels, such as the flea market and liking of contents, did not directly benefit the everyday work, the interesting contents (hopefully) attract people to log into intranet more often – and thus to find the information related to daily work and studying better than earlier.


Text: Teija Pekkarinen

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